Thursday, July 3, 2008


Mental Manifestation

In order to accelerate positive mental manifestation towards your goals, your mind has to be structured in a certain way to allow the right thoughts to come to the fore. This mental manifestation is important, because it is the precursor to the physical manifestation which closely follows it.

To accelerate your mental manifestations, you can do several mental and physical things. In terms of mental variables, the first lesson is that you must learn to have a single minded focus to your goal. When you do this, you allow your body and mind to only concentrate and focus on those elements which are related to the achievement of your goal. This allows for the highest degrees of specialisation to happen, leading to the greatest efficiency towards your goal.

The second important lesson is that you must learn to do one thing at a time. By doing one thing at a time, you are allowing your mind and body to give 100% for each and every task. This therefore allows you to give your best in everything, which leads you to achieving the best back in return. It raises the efficiency of your mind and body and increases the disposition of your mind and body to do so. The other added effect is that your mind can regress into accessing its deeper and inner resources, within the subconscious and unconscious minds. This is because singleness across the different levels of mind, allows these levels to communicate effectively amongst one another.

Finally, to increase mental manifestation, you must live in the moment. This means you must not contemplate the future or the past, and instead, you must focus on the present situation and moment. When you do this, you allow all your inner mental resources to be available in the moment. This mechanism is the primary way for you to access intuition which comes from the unconscious mind. If you instead have a scattered brain, you will only have a scattered pattern of thoughts in which you are unable to determine which thoughts are beneficial towards your goal, and what isn't.

The other important component for mental manifestation alongside these mental ones, are physical actions you can perform. These actions include the refinement of your habits, language, beliefs and attitudes. For example, if you refine your habits through discipline, you accelerate both mental and physical manifestation, because you are forming a series of mental and physical habits which will allow you to manifest towards your goal.

Other actions such as language and beliefs must be refined in a gradual manner, and are best done when you have a single minded focus to the goal as a foundation.

In conclusion to this brief introduction to mental manifestation: mental manifestation is the necessary basis to allow you to achieve your dreams. As your understanding, thoughts, ideas and plans towards your goal increases, you form the necessary basis to act towards correct physical manifestation.