Thursday, July 3, 2008


Mental Manifestation

In order to accelerate positive mental manifestation towards your goals, your mind has to be structured in a certain way to allow the right thoughts to come to the fore. This mental manifestation is important, because it is the precursor to the physical manifestation which closely follows it.

To accelerate your mental manifestations, you can do several mental and physical things. In terms of mental variables, the first lesson is that you must learn to have a single minded focus to your goal. When you do this, you allow your body and mind to only concentrate and focus on those elements which are related to the achievement of your goal. This allows for the highest degrees of specialisation to happen, leading to the greatest efficiency towards your goal.

The second important lesson is that you must learn to do one thing at a time. By doing one thing at a time, you are allowing your mind and body to give 100% for each and every task. This therefore allows you to give your best in everything, which leads you to achieving the best back in return. It raises the efficiency of your mind and body and increases the disposition of your mind and body to do so. The other added effect is that your mind can regress into accessing its deeper and inner resources, within the subconscious and unconscious minds. This is because singleness across the different levels of mind, allows these levels to communicate effectively amongst one another.

Finally, to increase mental manifestation, you must live in the moment. This means you must not contemplate the future or the past, and instead, you must focus on the present situation and moment. When you do this, you allow all your inner mental resources to be available in the moment. This mechanism is the primary way for you to access intuition which comes from the unconscious mind. If you instead have a scattered brain, you will only have a scattered pattern of thoughts in which you are unable to determine which thoughts are beneficial towards your goal, and what isn't.

The other important component for mental manifestation alongside these mental ones, are physical actions you can perform. These actions include the refinement of your habits, language, beliefs and attitudes. For example, if you refine your habits through discipline, you accelerate both mental and physical manifestation, because you are forming a series of mental and physical habits which will allow you to manifest towards your goal.

Other actions such as language and beliefs must be refined in a gradual manner, and are best done when you have a single minded focus to the goal as a foundation.

In conclusion to this brief introduction to mental manifestation: mental manifestation is the necessary basis to allow you to achieve your dreams. As your understanding, thoughts, ideas and plans towards your goal increases, you form the necessary basis to act towards correct physical manifestation.

What Happens????

What Happens When What You Hold on to is Gone?

Something that most of us have in common despite of our race, religion, gender, age, background, status, etc. It can be tangible or intangible. But whatever it is, it has this invisible glue that holds it well together with our identity, with or without our knowing.

What are the most obvious forms of attachments we can observe?

- Lovers who can't be torn apart.
- A strong belief to an idea.
- A sense of belonging to any material things.
- A job we have
- A status we have earned
- A reputation we have tried to build
- Etc

But what happens when it's lost? Will you lose yourself in the process of losing "it"? Or will you be liberated as nothing will hold you back any longer? Will you give up on life or will you move on and find new meanings from other things?

It was the teaching of Buddha to be detached from stuffs (including living beings) to be able to reach nirvana but for us who have been brainwashed to the concept of ownership, this habit dies hard. It's not easy. And the fact is between attachment and detachment, there lies a very fine, fine line. How do we cross over to each side depends on our own sheer will power and self control.

I used to be so detached with the hatred I have towards the riots that happened to me in 1998 (during the Asian Financial crisis). It was a horrible experience where I was in the house which windows were stoned to pieces by the natives. I carried my hatred for at least a year and every time I saw a race that resembles to those who have ruined my belongings, I detested them. I didn't know this "attachment" to the feeling of hatred had made me so weary. And what do I gain for having this attitude? NOTHING! Not only I stained one race just because of few rotten apples, I was so delusional that I thought my hallucinations were my reality.

In fact I lost more. I didn't notice the beauty of possible opportunities should I have let go earlier. Yes, the event was horrible, but it doesn't mean I have to be a horrible person because of it. I've learned to embrace the diversity of opinions and perspectives and indeed there is not one way as the right way. If there is only one right theory for everything then till now we should believe that the sun is revolving our earth. Oh, how silly will that be?

I know the example that I've given above may not be similar with what you are holding to now. You may be holding on tightly to your loved one/s in which without them you feel empty. It's time to think for yourself, if they are really gone from the surface of earth, will you really be empty? Can you feel the void again with something else? Won't you loved one/s want you to move on and be a better person rather than grieving about them for lives and actually given up life just because of their departure?

When something is lost along the way, it's very normal to grieve and cry your heart out. But don't take too long. Give your heart and soul a break. If it's not for your own sanity sake, do give your loved one/s a break too. Don't you think he/she/they/it will feel the pain knowing that you can't let go of the attachment that is of no existence? Don't you think you deserve to be happy?

When you lose something you can't live without, you should not lose yourself. You should feel liberated not in the sense that you've been imprisoned all these while and it's the time you claim your freedom. But you should feel liberated because you are a better person than before. You are liberated from the old experiences and new things will come your way.

Take your time to sob but don't forget you deserve to be on top of your life. All will be well again and remember to smile because it has happened in your life.


Having Good Luck in Your Life

While it is commonly known that good feng shui can bring good luck to the person who takes advantage of it, it is also important to understand that there is also bad chi. Basically, Sha Chi and Si Chi falls under the category of bad chi in feng shui. People who want to bring good luck to their lives must avoid bad feng shui.

Sha Chi is also referred to as "killing" energy by feng shui experts. It traces its origins from above ground and below ground; it has different negative effects on the person who suffers from it. ShaChi that comes from below group will sap the energy of a person and cause sickness. Usually, a person who suffers from it will feel tired and anxious without any reason. Meanwhile, ShaChi from above ground will usually cause illnesses and nervous complaints. It can also result to problems in a person's personal life such as broken marriages and financial concerns.

This kind of bad chi can be created by the sharpness of an object, either man-made or natural, that points sharply towards the entrance of your house or window. For example, houses at the corner of a T-junction are more likely to accumulate Sha Chi because the attacking energy goes to the main door. Inside the house, ShaChi can also be developed. For example, when there is a sharp angle that points to your work area or your bed, it will emit energy that attacks. In this case, the proximity of the sharp object should be looked into; the further away the attacking element is, the lesser its damage.

Other situations that can create Sha Chi include a house located opposite a dilapidated building, a noisy neighborhood, or cables and wires that obstructs the view. It has also been noted that the closeness to a graveyard can create ShaChi.

Si Chi

Another kind of bad chi is Si Chi. SiChi is also characterized by decaying and low energy that feels lifeless. It can lead to sickness and depression for people who are exposed to it for a particular period of time. Like ShaChi, Si Chi can also be found outside the home; usually, SiChi is created at the site of a massacre or the site of human tragedies. Si Chi can also be found inside homes and buildings as well. It is what we sometimes refer to as "bad vibes"; it can be felt when you have the urge to leave a particular area for no apparent reason at all.


Five Reasons

Five Reasons Why You Need Self-Discipline

We live in a society that loves instant gratification. It's all over the place. Fast food. Instant noodles, instant food, instant everything! We want our desires to be gratified right away. So why the need for self-discipline?

There are five reasons why you need self-discipline. I'm sure we can come up with thousands more but these five are the most basic that I have come up with.

1. Self-discipline builds your internal strength and character.

Self-discipline enables you to control your appetites and your instinctive drive. Although society may scream at you to do this now, get this now, your internal strength is capable of denying yourself these things for the greater good.

2. Self-discipline helps you build integrity and credibility.

Temptations are all around us. I'm not saying this only in the religious sense. Rather, these temptations will offer instant pleasure at a very great cost to your integrity and credibility. It may be drugs, or a one-time opportunity for stealing money. With self-discipline, you can stand up against these things.

3. You can achieve anything if you have self-discipline.

If you've watched Jackie Chan and Jet Li movies, you'll be amazed at their proficiency in martial arts. They didn't arrive there overnight. They practiced self-discipline years upon years before achieving mastery. With such mastery, they were able to use their skills in achieving success.

4. You can live a better life with self-discipline.

With self-discipline, you can manage your finances better, you know your priorities and you can say no to anything that could ruin your life. With self-discipline, you can live a better life.

5. Lastly, self-discipline maximizes happiness.

Delayed gratification can lead help you maximize happiness. The problem with instant gratification is that when you want something and you get right away, your happiness can last only so long as your excitement. With delayed gratification, you know that you've waited for something for a long time. Therefore, when you get it, the success is sweeter and happiness is deeper.

If you don't have self-discipline now, you need to think of ways on how to develop it in you.

Did You Should on Yourself Today?

Did You Should on Yourself Today?

I should get my car washed. I should pay my bills. I should eat less. I shouldn't sleep so late on the weekend. Our lives are filled with shoulds. Shoulds keep us on the straight and narrow path to goodness. What are shoulds and where did they come from? Of course we can trace them back to the original holy set, the Ten Commandments, but I am guessing that shoulds arose long before that.

A should is created when a group of people agree about how the world is or might be. But this may differ from culture to culture and century to century. Democrats have different shoulds about the world than Republicans. Believers and non-believers differ about the shoulds that label us good or bad. The shoulds of your family and friends may be diametrically opposed to those of your neighbor.

Shoulds lead to procrastination! Putting things off is often the result of your conflict with a should. That is because shoulds are inflicted on us from outside. From our earliest years we are told what a good boy or girl should or should not do to gain approval from parent, teacher, family, community, and the world. We are not given the opportunity to challenge these instructions. When we do we may land up going our own way and marching to our own drummer, but might also be carrying a load of guilt or shame about breaking away from what is expected.

Who says I should wash my car, pay my bills, and eat less? You may say that you do, but where did the original rule come from and who laid it on you? Take a moment to think about some of the things you are procrastinating doing right now? Pick one.

Pretend that you are standing in front of your local ATM about to make a withdrawal. This time you are going to withdraw some information. Pretend that you are typing in this question instead of the amount of money: "How young was I when I decided that I would be a bad person if I didn't ___?" (Fill in the thing you are putting off) Take a deep breath and as you let it out a number will pop into your head.

As you know your age you may automatically know who told you it was wrong or bad. If not, do the ATM routine again asking for that information. Remember what was happening back then and how you felt when you were gifted with that should. Take a moment to acknowledge all the guilt or shame you have felt throughout your life each time you resisted. How often have you struggled with this and other shoulds handed down from generation to generation?

Please don't think I am telling you to drop all shoulds and rebel against everything. The result would create chaos and harm. Children need shoulds to help them conform to the expectations of their culture and to keep them safe. But once we are grownups we can assess the rules and decide which ones fit our beliefs and which don't.

Grownups can choose which expectations they want or choose to follow. Try this. Go back to the should you chose above. Say it out loud to yourself, "I should do my laundry." How do you feel? Is there tension in your stomach or throat? Do you feel ashamed of yourself for being lazy? Think about this for a moment. Do you want to do your laundry? If you don't then are you willing to take the consequences; after all you are an adult and responsible for your actions. Make a decision and say either "I choose to do my laundry," or "I choose to not do my laundry." Does that feel different when you say it out loud?

Most people find that when they trade in their shoulds for choose to or choose not to, they get rid of a load of guilt and shame. See if you can eliminate the words should, shouldn't, must, and have to from your life this week and notice what happens.

Gloria Arenson is a Licensed Marriage ad Family Therapist. She is the author of How to Stop Playing the Weighting Game, Born to Spend, Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing, Freedom At Your Fingertips, and Procrastination Nation.

7 Reasons

7 Reasons Why People Do Not Live With Purpose

The majority of the people who cross your path will never discover their life purpose. As Thomas Carlyle says, "The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder -- waif, a nothing, a no man. Have a purpose in life, and, having it, throw such strength of mind and muscle into your work as God has given you."

You may wonder how anyone could go through life without truly discovering their purpose, but statistics now tell us approximately 97 percent of people never do. It is sad to think about. We must be certain we are part of the percent that do. Here are 7 major reasons I have discovered why so many never determine or fulfill their destiny.

Listed below are seven reasons why so many individuals never discover their purpose. I ask for your willingness to be objective and read what I have written with an open mind. It just may change your entire future.

1. They don't seek the Creator.

Let's take a building, for example - any wonderful building in your favorite city or town. How is it that we know there was a builder for this particular building? We can't see him, hear him, touch, taste, or even get a whiff of his scent, can we? But the building standing before you is tangible proof of a builder. In fact, we couldn't get better evidence than this building, fixed upon the ground, standing proudly before our very own eyes. We don't need faith to know that there was, indeed, a builder.

Likewise, when we look at creation, how can we be certain that there was a Creator? How can we know that He truly exists? Well, creation itself proves there is a Creator. There could be no creation without Him. God created you, and He's telling you, "Seek and you will find." He made you for a purpose, but only those who seek Him ever discover that purpose.

2. They don't believe they have a purpose.

Here's where some of us have a real problem. Some people erroneously believe that God has not given them a purpose, thus they don't even bother to search for one. This is no different than when men believed the world was flat. Why lose my life searching, if there's nothing to find? That belief stopped many men from discovering the New World. But if you'll believe, you will be pleased to discover a whole new world waiting out there, specifically for you.

3. They don't believe they are worthy of a purpose.

Read carefully through this short list of questions, pondering how they apply to your current circumstances. Ask yourself: Do I deserve success? Do I deserve to fulfill my dreams? Do others deserve to achieve their destiny more than I do? Do others have more right to be happy than I do?

Often, we focus on our inabilities in order to avoid answering piercing questions such as these. Subconsciously, we search for reasons why we shouldn't succeed. The truth is, however, that fulfilling your destiny is not something to be deserved. It is your right and your responsibility to God and to the rest of mankind.

4. They are unwilling to search it out.

Have you come to the realization, yet, that some people are just plain lazy? These folks want others to tell them what their purpose is. They are so lazy that they won't even take the time to search it out for themselves! If you refuse to seek, then it is guaranteed that you will not find. Don't wait for life to bring you everything you want - life doesn't happen that way. You must go after it. Pursue until you find!

5. They associate with others who lack purpose.

An American proverb states: "Those that lie down with dogs, get up with fleas." It is a proven fact that we become like those with whom we associate. The quality of your life is entirely dependent upon those you call "friend."

Are your friends people of purpose? Are they at a place in life where you aspire to be? Do they challenge you to discover and pursue excellence? Solomon said it like this, "Walk with the wise and you shall be wise. Walk with fools and you shall be destroyed." I hope you are beginning to see that if we walk with those who lack purpose, we'll soon walk through life as they do - with no purpose. I've determined not to live my life that way. How about you?

6. They settle for mediocrity.

Here is another factor for us to consider: Whatever we invest into this life is what we are going to get out of it. Too many are content to settle for a well-paying job or one that offers secure benefits. People settle for living a comfortable life instead of striving for what they really want. That is mediocrity - living a life without struggle and change. Don't allow your comfort zone to hold you captive. And don't make decisions based on what seems to be safe. Why not labor wholeheartedly toward your unique purpose, no matter what obstacles that effort might entail? If you do, in time you'll gratefully realize that doing so is the only road to genuine prosperity and distinction.

7. The fear of responsibility.

Finally, we must concede that some folks don't want to know their purpose because of the responsibility that comes with that knowledge. They feel they can disregard their God-given responsibility by crawling through the escape hatch called "ignorance." But listen carefully - nothing is further from the truth. Why? Because each one of us must give an account to God for our assignment here on earth, whether or not we even knew what it was. That is why it is so important to discover our purpose and, once discovered, to wholeheartedly fulfill it.

As we think upon the direction of our lives, we realize that this list is not exhaustive by any means, but it should help us understand why we may be having difficulty discovering our purpose. You will never possess what you are unwilling to pursue. Make the decision today to never stop your pursuit until you fulfill your destiny.

Take Action:
1. Ask God what is your purpose.
2. Believe you have a purpose.
3. Believe you are worthy of a purpose.

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The Secret Something Within

The Secret Something Within - A Life Changing Novel

In 1982, I was drawn to a small, well read, paperback book. "The Inner Secret or That Secret Something Within", was the title. Anonymously written, it was printed in 1922. I glanced through a few pages, put it aside and started to move on. Something compelled me to pick it up again. At that time I didn't know what or why. I do now.

This little book had a profound impact on me. In the midst of the book came my 'Aha' moment. I suddenly realized who I am. It was overwhelming. My life has not been the same since that moment.

Not long after reading it, the first words of this novel poured into my thoughts. They hounded me, repeating like a song that won't stop singing in your head, until one day I sat at the word processor and began typing each sentence as fast as it came into my thoughts.

"Shadows of flickering candles dance on the wall like quickened images of ancient cave drawings. The aroma of burning incense mingling with fresh cut flowers creates an aura of tranquility."

Anon, the main character was beginning his final Gathering. After years of teaching people how to use their Inner Spirit, that secret something within to change their lives, he was preparing to move into the NEXT realm of existence. Before he could leave he had to find someone to take his place.

In the beginning there were only four, Peter, Tony, Marcy, and Alice. They became vivid characters in my mind. Gradually Elaine, Alan, James, Mark, Sheila and Eric joined them as the Gathering progressed. Would they learn how to change their lives? Would one of them be Anon's replacement? I had to find out. I had to write their story.

I was fascinated as each of them learned the Secret Something Within and changed their lives. I was intrigued when a new person joined the group. More challenges for Anon.

Would he find the one who was to take his place before he made his transition.

The story unfolded and I wrote the words. I was sad to write The End. I had become so involved with each of the characters and I didn't want to know that Anon was no longer with them. But 'The End' I wrote but they still live in my mind and heart. It's as if they were real. I miss them. Maybe I'll write a sequel, if I sense the words as I did before.

"His hands fumbled as he lit the candles. Everything had been perfect when Anon prepared for his Gatherings. Now it was his turn, the mantle had been passed to him. Was he ready? Could anyone replace Anon, especially could he? The test would begin this night. The first night of his Gathering."

Maybe--maybe. The thought is exciting. New characters, new lives to change. Yes, by gosh, maybe I will.

Mary McCauley is a retired group tour travel agent, mother, grandmother and author. Her works appear in various areas of the Internet. Her novel was published in 2004. Her Quick Tips 4 U Blog is a weekly column of the latest in Health, Wealth, Diet, Exercise, Style and Inspiration in condensed forms.


What's Your Blueprint For Success?

People say it all the time: "Maybe I'll be somebody, someday." What most do not realize is that distinction is not something you wait for. It is the result of right choices. At this point, I would like to continue our quest by making it clear that our present actions (how we prepare, plan, and execute today) closely determine any level of distinction in our future. There is unmistakable proof that those who are clear about where they are heading do something; and they do it deliberately, in calculated, measurable increments. What's their secret? These folks map out a plan - a predetermined, structured plan. This chapter presents a series of practical steps, keeping that objective in mind.

Have a Blueprint:

Visualize with me, for a moment, a familiar scene. It's an easily identifiable setting - one possibly located only a few miles from where you are reading this book. A prominent structural engineer has situated his entire fleet of multi-million-dollar construction equipment at a brand new building site for a massive skyscraper. However, as he walks onto the site, not a single blueprint is anywhere to be found. Furthermore, imagine, if you can, that this engineer's personnel are ordered to erect iron beams and assemble steel posts having never been provided with specific blueprints to follow. The result of such an event would be nothing short of disastrous, wouldn't it? So why is it any different with our lives? Shouldn't the plan for your life and mine be given much greater thought than that of a mere man-inspired, steel-and-iron skyscraper?

No matter where we've come from or who we claim to be, God purposefully grants us each moment of our existence. So what will you and I return to Him, as we breathe our last breath? The answer to that question is found in our daily decisions. No one can force us to get off the couch and exercise, eat the right foods, read stimulating books, attain higher education, build healthy relationships, or love God. Each individual must make those choices for himself. You have been given the privilege of making what is commonly known as an "executive" decision. Why? It's primarily because you are a steward over your own life. Sure, from time to time you are explicitly assigned varied guidelines and instructions, but the majority of your decisions are yours alone to make.

The greatest commodity we have is LIFE, which is measured by and made up of TIME. The question, "What are you going to do with your life?" is synonymous with "What are you going to do with your time?" Don't fall into the trap of thinking that the rich are rich because life haphazardly bestowed wealth upon them but chose not to endow it upon the impoverished. No, the clear disparity between the prosperous and the poor lies in the means by which they choose to invest their time. Your choices determine your destiny.

Different Choices = Different Paths:

People are interesting aren't they? Let's put this in perspective and compare our friend Jim to a fellow we'll call Harry. Jim appreciates good music and loves to socialize with other people. He enjoys watching movies and staying up late, which usually causes him to oversleep. On the way to work, Jim listens to music or the tedious chatter of news radio. When he comes home, Jim plops on the couch to relax. He likes to watch TV while reading the newspaper or scanning a current magazine. Because Jim doesn't relish being alone, he frequently occupies his time fraternizing with his friends. He isn't quite clear where his life is heading, but he knows he desires to do great things. And let me not forget, Jim makes sure he is in church each and every Sunday.

Now the other fellow, Harry, is an avid learner. He spends a couple of hours, every day, working on improving himself, reading books, and journaling his discoveries. Although he also loves people, he is willing to sacrifice time with others in order to prepare for the future he desires. On the way to work, he routinely listens to personal development teachings. When Harry comes home from work, he invests time in his health by exercising. And because he desires to expand in the business world, he does so by learning a new skill, which can be utilized on the job. Harry watches only a modest amount of television; he would much rather use the time to review both his goals and the plan he has mapped out to reach those goals. Harry also goes to church and takes notes, usually sitting in the same row as Jim, the two often greeting one another like old friends.

Now let me ask you, which one do you think will live a more fulfilled and prosperous life? Did you say Harry? Of course! Harry chooses to employ time as the tool through which he can accomplish his dreams and fulfill his goals.


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2. Broken focus

3. Unfulfilled relationships

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