Thursday, July 3, 2008

7 Reasons

7 Reasons Why People Do Not Live With Purpose

The majority of the people who cross your path will never discover their life purpose. As Thomas Carlyle says, "The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder -- waif, a nothing, a no man. Have a purpose in life, and, having it, throw such strength of mind and muscle into your work as God has given you."

You may wonder how anyone could go through life without truly discovering their purpose, but statistics now tell us approximately 97 percent of people never do. It is sad to think about. We must be certain we are part of the percent that do. Here are 7 major reasons I have discovered why so many never determine or fulfill their destiny.

Listed below are seven reasons why so many individuals never discover their purpose. I ask for your willingness to be objective and read what I have written with an open mind. It just may change your entire future.

1. They don't seek the Creator.

Let's take a building, for example - any wonderful building in your favorite city or town. How is it that we know there was a builder for this particular building? We can't see him, hear him, touch, taste, or even get a whiff of his scent, can we? But the building standing before you is tangible proof of a builder. In fact, we couldn't get better evidence than this building, fixed upon the ground, standing proudly before our very own eyes. We don't need faith to know that there was, indeed, a builder.

Likewise, when we look at creation, how can we be certain that there was a Creator? How can we know that He truly exists? Well, creation itself proves there is a Creator. There could be no creation without Him. God created you, and He's telling you, "Seek and you will find." He made you for a purpose, but only those who seek Him ever discover that purpose.

2. They don't believe they have a purpose.

Here's where some of us have a real problem. Some people erroneously believe that God has not given them a purpose, thus they don't even bother to search for one. This is no different than when men believed the world was flat. Why lose my life searching, if there's nothing to find? That belief stopped many men from discovering the New World. But if you'll believe, you will be pleased to discover a whole new world waiting out there, specifically for you.

3. They don't believe they are worthy of a purpose.

Read carefully through this short list of questions, pondering how they apply to your current circumstances. Ask yourself: Do I deserve success? Do I deserve to fulfill my dreams? Do others deserve to achieve their destiny more than I do? Do others have more right to be happy than I do?

Often, we focus on our inabilities in order to avoid answering piercing questions such as these. Subconsciously, we search for reasons why we shouldn't succeed. The truth is, however, that fulfilling your destiny is not something to be deserved. It is your right and your responsibility to God and to the rest of mankind.

4. They are unwilling to search it out.

Have you come to the realization, yet, that some people are just plain lazy? These folks want others to tell them what their purpose is. They are so lazy that they won't even take the time to search it out for themselves! If you refuse to seek, then it is guaranteed that you will not find. Don't wait for life to bring you everything you want - life doesn't happen that way. You must go after it. Pursue until you find!

5. They associate with others who lack purpose.

An American proverb states: "Those that lie down with dogs, get up with fleas." It is a proven fact that we become like those with whom we associate. The quality of your life is entirely dependent upon those you call "friend."

Are your friends people of purpose? Are they at a place in life where you aspire to be? Do they challenge you to discover and pursue excellence? Solomon said it like this, "Walk with the wise and you shall be wise. Walk with fools and you shall be destroyed." I hope you are beginning to see that if we walk with those who lack purpose, we'll soon walk through life as they do - with no purpose. I've determined not to live my life that way. How about you?

6. They settle for mediocrity.

Here is another factor for us to consider: Whatever we invest into this life is what we are going to get out of it. Too many are content to settle for a well-paying job or one that offers secure benefits. People settle for living a comfortable life instead of striving for what they really want. That is mediocrity - living a life without struggle and change. Don't allow your comfort zone to hold you captive. And don't make decisions based on what seems to be safe. Why not labor wholeheartedly toward your unique purpose, no matter what obstacles that effort might entail? If you do, in time you'll gratefully realize that doing so is the only road to genuine prosperity and distinction.

7. The fear of responsibility.

Finally, we must concede that some folks don't want to know their purpose because of the responsibility that comes with that knowledge. They feel they can disregard their God-given responsibility by crawling through the escape hatch called "ignorance." But listen carefully - nothing is further from the truth. Why? Because each one of us must give an account to God for our assignment here on earth, whether or not we even knew what it was. That is why it is so important to discover our purpose and, once discovered, to wholeheartedly fulfill it.

As we think upon the direction of our lives, we realize that this list is not exhaustive by any means, but it should help us understand why we may be having difficulty discovering our purpose. You will never possess what you are unwilling to pursue. Make the decision today to never stop your pursuit until you fulfill your destiny.

Take Action:
1. Ask God what is your purpose.
2. Believe you have a purpose.
3. Believe you are worthy of a purpose.

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