Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Secret Something Within

The Secret Something Within - A Life Changing Novel

In 1982, I was drawn to a small, well read, paperback book. "The Inner Secret or That Secret Something Within", was the title. Anonymously written, it was printed in 1922. I glanced through a few pages, put it aside and started to move on. Something compelled me to pick it up again. At that time I didn't know what or why. I do now.

This little book had a profound impact on me. In the midst of the book came my 'Aha' moment. I suddenly realized who I am. It was overwhelming. My life has not been the same since that moment.

Not long after reading it, the first words of this novel poured into my thoughts. They hounded me, repeating like a song that won't stop singing in your head, until one day I sat at the word processor and began typing each sentence as fast as it came into my thoughts.

"Shadows of flickering candles dance on the wall like quickened images of ancient cave drawings. The aroma of burning incense mingling with fresh cut flowers creates an aura of tranquility."

Anon, the main character was beginning his final Gathering. After years of teaching people how to use their Inner Spirit, that secret something within to change their lives, he was preparing to move into the NEXT realm of existence. Before he could leave he had to find someone to take his place.

In the beginning there were only four, Peter, Tony, Marcy, and Alice. They became vivid characters in my mind. Gradually Elaine, Alan, James, Mark, Sheila and Eric joined them as the Gathering progressed. Would they learn how to change their lives? Would one of them be Anon's replacement? I had to find out. I had to write their story.

I was fascinated as each of them learned the Secret Something Within and changed their lives. I was intrigued when a new person joined the group. More challenges for Anon.

Would he find the one who was to take his place before he made his transition.

The story unfolded and I wrote the words. I was sad to write The End. I had become so involved with each of the characters and I didn't want to know that Anon was no longer with them. But 'The End' I wrote but they still live in my mind and heart. It's as if they were real. I miss them. Maybe I'll write a sequel, if I sense the words as I did before.

"His hands fumbled as he lit the candles. Everything had been perfect when Anon prepared for his Gatherings. Now it was his turn, the mantle had been passed to him. Was he ready? Could anyone replace Anon, especially could he? The test would begin this night. The first night of his Gathering."

Maybe--maybe. The thought is exciting. New characters, new lives to change. Yes, by gosh, maybe I will.

Mary McCauley is a retired group tour travel agent, mother, grandmother and author. Her works appear in various areas of the Internet. Her novel was published in 2004. Her Quick Tips 4 U Blog is a weekly column of the latest in Health, Wealth, Diet, Exercise, Style and Inspiration in condensed forms.

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