Thursday, July 3, 2008


Having Good Luck in Your Life

While it is commonly known that good feng shui can bring good luck to the person who takes advantage of it, it is also important to understand that there is also bad chi. Basically, Sha Chi and Si Chi falls under the category of bad chi in feng shui. People who want to bring good luck to their lives must avoid bad feng shui.

Sha Chi is also referred to as "killing" energy by feng shui experts. It traces its origins from above ground and below ground; it has different negative effects on the person who suffers from it. ShaChi that comes from below group will sap the energy of a person and cause sickness. Usually, a person who suffers from it will feel tired and anxious without any reason. Meanwhile, ShaChi from above ground will usually cause illnesses and nervous complaints. It can also result to problems in a person's personal life such as broken marriages and financial concerns.

This kind of bad chi can be created by the sharpness of an object, either man-made or natural, that points sharply towards the entrance of your house or window. For example, houses at the corner of a T-junction are more likely to accumulate Sha Chi because the attacking energy goes to the main door. Inside the house, ShaChi can also be developed. For example, when there is a sharp angle that points to your work area or your bed, it will emit energy that attacks. In this case, the proximity of the sharp object should be looked into; the further away the attacking element is, the lesser its damage.

Other situations that can create Sha Chi include a house located opposite a dilapidated building, a noisy neighborhood, or cables and wires that obstructs the view. It has also been noted that the closeness to a graveyard can create ShaChi.

Si Chi

Another kind of bad chi is Si Chi. SiChi is also characterized by decaying and low energy that feels lifeless. It can lead to sickness and depression for people who are exposed to it for a particular period of time. Like ShaChi, Si Chi can also be found outside the home; usually, SiChi is created at the site of a massacre or the site of human tragedies. Si Chi can also be found inside homes and buildings as well. It is what we sometimes refer to as "bad vibes"; it can be felt when you have the urge to leave a particular area for no apparent reason at all.


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